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Get an ai summary of any article delivered to your inbox.

Email any article link to:

We'll email you back a summary of the article within ~10 mins.

How it works

  • See an an interesting article but don't have time to read it?

  • Hit the share       icon in your browser and email the link to

    The subject line of the email doesn't matter. Just make sure your article link is the first url link in the body of the email.
    (You can cc your friends to share articles and summaries with them)

  • In ~10 minutes, you (and your friends) will receive an email with a summary of the article generated by AI



Q: This tool isn't working: Help!

A: As they say on the NYC MTA Subway: "If you see something, say something". You can reach us at

Sometimes our servers are a little slow. It may take up to 15 mins to receive your summary email. It might also be in your spam folder.

Q: What is the correct format of the email?

A: We read the first url link in the body of your email. So, the subject, other contents, and signature of your email do not matter.

Q: How (and why) would I cc my friends?

A: If you see an article a friend might enjoy, you can send the article to and cc your friends. Your friends will get the original article from you and also receive the helpful summary from

Q: What's powering the ai wizardry behind the scenes?

A: Our ai processing is powered by OpenAI's GPT technology.

Q: Is the ai-generated content accurate? Can I rely on it?

A: Absolutely not. This is just a fun project so our friends can get key takeaways without investing the time required to read full articles. We accept no responsibility for the content generated by the ai. All generative ai systems are likely to make mistakes. This is for entertainment purposes only. Please use responsibly.

Q: How do you store my data?

A: For each request, we retain the email address that sent the request, any CC'd email addresses, and the first URL that was sent within the email. We do not retain any other content within the emails you send to our processor

Q: Why did you build this?

A: SkimIt is a fun little hackathon project built by Karthik and Alex to practice ai text processing, email handling, and web scraping. We enjoy building + scaling startups, advising + investing in founders, and drinking copious amounts of coffee. 

We're both post-exit founders and hungry to build the next big thing.

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